Dana Outlaw

Dana Outlaw is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Beaumont, Texas, United States
Dana Outlaw
  • Business Name Dana Outlaw Wellness Support Therapies
  • Address Beaumont, Texas, United States
  • Phone 409-673-4915
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  • Date Joined Qualified June 2016
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My name is Dana Outlaw and I have been involved with healing and wellness since I was a teenager .At that time, I discovered my love for the healing arts while volunteering at a local hospital. During my time there, it became very clear to me what a gift health and wellness is. My professional journey into the healing arts started with obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Later I became a Certified Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist, a Healing Touch Practitioner through The Holistic Nurses Association and a Licensed Massage Therapist. During those years, while on vacation with a friend, my nursing science background could not explain a strange experience I had when holding my hand out to check a friends hurt finger. A current started coming out of the palm of my hand while my friend freaked out and asked what I was doing. I had no idea, but when the current stopped and the friend exclaimed, " my finger is healed and it was broken!" I knew I had to find out!

My newly opened mind had to accept what had happened as more and more healing events unfolded from that point on. I studied Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Touch for Health and many other modalities that obviously worked with balancing and unblocking the energy body. I opened a practice and things just continued to evolve. I found myself tapping on what looked like circuits along the arms and legs of clients resulting in the client feeling much better. At that time I had never heard of meridians! Not long after that I got a brochure in the mail at my office about Thought Field Therapy. That started the elegant practice of TFT in my office resulting in seemingly miraculous results.

Over the years I studied EFT, The Tapping Solution, and eventually obtained my EFT Master Practitioner with Dr Silvia Hartmann. Another energy based therapy that has shown amazing results in helping clients unblock the energy system is The Emotion Code. I am an Emotion Code Practitioner which is a beautiful tool to release trapped emotions in the energy body creating better health and well being. Energy medicine is the medicine of NOW and the medicine of the future. It is my love and my passion to partner with my clients and create pathways to healing and wellness. This partnership creates the love and trust we all need to make this world a better place!

Other Qualifications
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Healing Touch Practitioner
Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Cranio Sacral Therapy


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